Fine plasma cutting

Fine plasma cutting with tube processing
Plasma cutting is one of the most important thermal cutting procedures alongside gas and laser cutting. The narrow plasma arc achieves high temperatures and kinetic energy to melt the material and blast it away from the cutting line.

Plasma cutting can be performed on any electrically conductive material. The procedure is characterised by high speed processing. Cut edges have low surface roughness with highly vertical cuts and minimal angular deviations. The cut gap is approx. 2 mm.

Advantages of fine plasma technology

  • High speed
  • Low hardening of peripheral areas
  • Angular cutting
  • Good quality surface finishing
  • Precision cutting
  • Cutting of any electrically conductive material
  • Cuts require no post-processing
  • Processing of sheet thickness of up to 200 mm

Fine plasma cutting precision
Tolerances for structural steel of up to 40 mm are within ± 0.5 mm. For 5–20 mm structural steel, tolerances of ± 0.2 mm can be achieved.