2D waterjet cutting

To create a cutting jet, water is pressurised at 4000–6000 bar

  • NC 2525
    Working range 2.500*2.500*200 mm

    Manufacture WATERJET Sweden AB
  • NC 4030
    Working range 4.000*3.000*200 mm

    Manufacture WATERJET Sweden AB
  • NC 3030T
    Working range 3.000*3.000*200 mm

    Manufacture WATERJET Sweden AB
  • NC 3530T
    Working range 3.500*3000*250 mm

    Manufacture WATERJET Sweden AB
  • BPM-A-4080
    Working range 4.000*8.000*250 mm
    Manufacture TCI-Cutting
  • BPM-M-4030
    Working range 4.000*3.000*250 mm

    Manufacture TCI-Cutting

+ + + equipped with 4–6 parallel cutting heads + + +

  • An economical alternative to milling and eroding processing
  • Major material savings by nesting

Up to six jet nozzles per machine ensure economic production for any quantity of parts – whether for one-off or large series production. Modern CNC control and programming systems guarantee precision forms and the lowest tolerances for any product.

On our largest machine we have the possibility to process very large parts of up to 4.000*10.000 mm.

In addition, this machine offers rationalization potential through

  • 2 x drilling units for start holes
  • 4 x individually controllable cutting heads
  • Tube module

Wasserstrahlschneiden 2D Beispiele