3D waterjet cutting

Diagonal contours without milling

2D waterjet cutting 3D waterjet cutting (5-axes)

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3D processing opens a completely new dimension. We have the first dual-head, 5-axes machine in Europe.

NC 3535-5AX Duo
Type: 3030 5AX-Duo - First machine
in Europe First machine with dual 5-axes cutting heads
Manufacturer: ATERJET Sweden AB
Working range:
X-axis: 3000 mm
Y-axis: 3000 mm
Z-axis: 350 mm


With tube module
Manufacturer: TCI-Cutting
Type: BPM-A-4040 - 2. machine
Working range:
X-axis: 3500 mm
Y-axis: 4000 mm
Z-axis: 800 mm
From complex 3D applications through to basic welding-seam preparation, we process parts in a single procedure.

Application examples:
  • Complex 3D geometries with differing diagonal contours
  • Dished ends; inclusion of openings
  • Tubes; cutting of notches
  • Parts for stirrers

Our machine can be used both as an abrasive cutter (for hard materials) or as a pure-water cutter (for foams etc.).
3D waterjet cutting machine Examples of  3d waterjet cuttingExamples of  3d waterjet cutting