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We manufacture individual parts, prototypes, and series components for many industries, small, medium-sized and global enterprises, as well as research institutions

Work Area 2,000 x 4,000 x 120 mm

Milling with vacuum clamping technology for utmost precision

Our gantry milling machine was originally designed for the aerospace industry and is distinguished by its utmost precision. Even over a length of 4,000 mm, manufacturing within hundredths of a millimeter is achievable. The material to be machined is fixed in place using vacuum clamping technology.

  • Maximum flatness
  • Components up to ≈ 50 mm can be manufactured without a support bridge.
  • Minimal cooling system

This improves the machining conditions and leads to shorter production times, better surface quality of the product, and fewer residues during gantry milling.

Maximum material utilization through nesting of parts

Crucial advantages in machining parts from sheet material

Ideal machining method for stainless steel, special steels, aluminum, plastics, as well as fiberglass, composite, and carbon materials

Advantages in machining parts from sheet material:

  • Finished part in a single operation
  • Besides contours, bevels, threads, and other milling operations can also be performed directly.
  • Manufacturing tolerances of ±0.02 mm are achievable
  • Maximum material utilization through nesting of parts
  • No dust development, for fiberglass, carbon, and plastics due to direct extraction at the tool

Gantry milling is cost-efficient and precise

Computer-controlled and automated

Computer-controlled gantry milling is more cost-efficient and precise than conventional methods. We can produce small parts from large sheets in a completely automated, serial manner.

To prevent contamination of the products, the milling head is supplied with a special liquid. This moves continuously over the material, thus avoiding grease residues on the product.

On the large worktable of 2,000 x 4,000 mm, parts that were previously manufactured by water jet or laser cutting can also be finished.