2D waterjet cutting

Up to six cutting heads per system ensure cost-effective production, regardless of whether it is a single-part or high-volume production.

  • NC 2525 – Working area 2.500 x 2.500 x 200mm Manufacturer WATERJET Sweden AB
  • NC 4030 – Working area 4.000 x 3.000 x 200mm Manufacturer WATERJET Sweden AB
  • NC 3030T – Working area 3.000 x 3.000 x 200mm Manufacturer WATERJET Sweden AB
  • NC 3530T – Working area 3.500 x 3000 x 250mm Manufacturer WATERJET Sweden AB
  • BPM-A-4080 – Working area 4.000 x 10.000 x 250mm Manufacturer TCI-Cutting
  • BPM-M-4030 – Working area 4.000 x 3.000 x 250mm Manufacturer TCI-Cutting

3D Waterjet Cutting

We have two machines for 3D waterjet cutting. These allow us maximum flexibility so that we can fully meet your requirements. Furthermore, with our tube module we offer the processing of tubes and shafts, as well as square and hexagonal profiles.

  • NC 3535-5AX Duo with two 5-axis cutting heads working area 3.500 x 3.500 x 350mm – Manufacturer WATERJET Sweden AB
  • BPM-A-4040 with tube module working range 3.500 x 4.000 x 800mm – Manufacturer TCI-Cutting

Laser melting

Numerous materials are used in selective laser melting. Components that cannot be manufactured can now be realized. The component is created in the shortest possible time, directly from the 3D model to the finished workpiece, without fixture construction and the associated costs and effort.

  • M2 Dual Laser 2x 400 W – working area 245 x 245 x 300mm – Manufacturer Concept-Laser
  • M2 Dual UP1 Laser 2x 400 W – working area 245 x 245 x 420mm – Manufacturer Concept-Laser

Subsequent machining

Does your waterjet-cut or additively manufactured components still require subsequent mechanical processing? With our modern machinery, supported by CAD/CAM programming systems, we offer you the complete solution from a single source:

  • 2 milling centers for components up to 2.000 x 1.000mm
  • 2 lathes for components up to ø 1.600mm press brake for components up to 4.000mm length
  • folding bench
  • deburring station