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We have more than 20 personnel working in 2–3 shifts and offer customers the following:
  • Highly competitive prices
  • Guaranteed deadlines
  • High quality
    (ISO 9001 certified)
  • Large volume production capacities
    (6 waterjet cutting machines)

Our core expertise is waterjet cutting and metal laser melting.

Our range of services is rounded off with machining and plasma cutting.
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WJW Waterjet – independent provider of cutting technology services

Do you require waterjet cutting or pressed metal laser melting parts?

We are a leading provider of waterjet cutting technology. With 6 waterjet cutting machines we can supply your requirements on-time and at competitive prices. Our waterjet cutters are equipped with 6 parallel cutting heads so that we can provide competitively priced services.

Waterjet cutting can be performed on practically any type of material. These include stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, glass, glass fibre, composite materials and any synthetic material. The technology is ideal for chamfered and contoured components. The waterjet, at a pressure of 4000 bar, is combined with garnet sand to enable micro-cutting.

The technology is commonly known as waterjet cutting or water cut.

The benefits of waterjet cutting include precision as well as non-thermal cutting to prevent hardening or warping. Waterjet cutting lines are also extremely narrow to minimise material wastage. The procedure can be applied to all types of material, including composite materials, with multiple-layer cutting also being possible. Waterjet cutting is also a highly precise procedure. The absence of dust particles or fumes makes waterjet cutting very environmentally friendly.

There are 3 basic methods of waterjet cutting: 2D waterjet cutting; 3D waterjet cutting on 5-axes machines; 3D waterjet cutting using robotics. We provide all three methods, the most common being the 2D process. 3D waterjet cutting can however avoid the need for extensive machining, a benefit that is being increasingly utilised. Micro-cutting or micro-jet cutting is used for the waterjet cutting of complex profiles.

In addition to waterjet cutting, we also use plasma cutting. Plasma cutting enables cutting to be performed at a significantly lower cost but at a lower precision than waterjet cutting and with thermal stresses that may influence results.

Benefit from our expertise and utilise waterjet cutting technology, a process that can be applied in many sectors. We are a competent and dependable partner for waterjet cutting services.

In 2015 we extended our range of services by acquiring a laser melting machine from the firm Concept Laser. With laser melting, a powdered material is welded or melted layer by layer. A range of terms are being used for this new technology: laser melting; laser cusing, laser smelting, generative production, additive production, selective production laser sintering, and 3D metal printing.

The main benefit of the laser melting procedure is its ability to produce the required part in the quickest possible time using a 3D model, with no tooling costs nor the need for jig construction. Laser melting also enables completely new component geometries to be produced.

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